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Excavation and Landscaping in West Plains, MO

Here at West Plains Landscaping in West Plains, MO, we work hard at helping complete your excavating projects with passion. We understand the need to start your new construction off on the right foot and will do everything we can to ensure that all details are handled correctly.

We completely clear out the area to make sure that you can build the way you want. After the excavations are over, we’ll bring our landscaping contractors in and install irrigation systems, remove stumps, plant trees and shrubbery, and even deliver mulch, gravel or sand when necessary.

 All of your questions and concerns will be answered right away, and we’ll start the job the minute we arrive. Call today to speak with a member of the staff about the quick and affordable services we provide!

Prompt Delivery

We’ll deliver topsoil, mulch, and gravel to your location quickly, never leaving you without the equipment you need.

Site Preparation

Planning to build a home or another commercial project? We’ll level ground and do anything else you might need so your project gets off on the right foot. 


We do demolitions for buildings and homes that fell victim to fires, tornadoes, and simple, old construction.

Excavation Contractor in West Plains, MO

Are you looking for an experienced excavating company? When you contact our excavating team at West Plains Landscaping in West Plains, MO, we’ll work to provide you with the property you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether we’re tearing up driveways, removing stumps, delivering gravel or providing other services, we’re the excavating contractors you need to get the job done quickly and within budget. We have the expertise and knowledge to make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

 Call us today and get your project started!  

excavation services
  • Site and Ground Leveling
  • Rock Clean-up
  • Basement Excavation and Fence Row Clearing
  • Pond Building and Stump Removal
  • Mulching and Irrigation Systems  
  • Dirt Digging
  • Gravel, Sand, Fill Dirt Delivery
  • Gravel, Sand Fill Dirt Hauling
  • Timber Pushing
  • Tree and Shrubbery Planting
  • Seeding and Sodding  

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Contact our team of dedicated landscaping and excavating contractors at West Plains Landscaping in West Plains, MO, today! Call (417) 257-0241 to schedule an appointment with us. 

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